Sport supplements are not only designed for bodybuilders, but also they are intended for all athletes in general. Endurance athletes can benefit from some supplement selections as these can help athletes attain higher levels of endurance. Superior endurance comes by way of hard training and adequate nutrition. Sometimes, the demands of your sport pushes your nutritional needs past what your diet alone supplies. Supplements can help fill the gaps in your nutritional program and keep you going strong.Endurance athletes need an array of supplements that include but not limited to:

Multivitamin/Multimineral - Whey protein - Carbohydrates - Caffeine - Glutamine - BCAA

Endurance sports are demanding activities; therefore, getting the most out of your nutrition is extremely important. Over-training combined with a lack of essential nutrients can negatively affect your immune system. Many people who train too much can find themselves losing muscle mass, constantly getting sick, and suffering from soreness. There are definitely supplements for runners which can help promote a healthy body and improve overall performance. A carbohydrate supplement is another one of the recommended supplements for runners.

If you study how the body uses different energy systems, you'll know that carbohydrates play a key role in supplying runners and other endurance athletes with energy. It is important to get a carbohydrate supplement that sits well in your stomach and can supply you with energy and not make you feel bloated. Caffeine keeps you energized and more focused. It also spares glycogen levels meaning that fat stores will be used for generating energy while glycogen stores in muscles and liver will stay intact. This delays fatigue enabling the body to perform better. Protein, glutamine and BCAA will help rebuild muscle tissue and enhance recovery. Carbohydrates act as a primary fuel for energy. For endurance athletes, as long as they have sufficient carbohydrate stores in their bodies, deterioration in their athletic performance is unlikely.

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