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Building muscle will make you look fantastic and feel great about yourself. In order to build muscle, weight training becomes an essential part of the equation as a balanced diet and a good supplement program will not do the trick for you. There are several health benefits to building muscle mass:

* Muscles improve endurance, strength and stamina

* Building muscle will increase blood flow and enhance circulation making blood and oxygen delivery to all body parts more effective.

* If you build muscle, you attract attention.

* Building muscle speeds up the metabolism causing fat to be burned even at rest.

* Building muscle increases energy levels. This makes performing daily activities much more efficient.

There are different types of supplements that help the individual gain muscle size and increase strength levels.

A good muscle building supplement protocol includes the following:

* Protein: increases protein intake which is the corner stone of building muscle tissue.

* Creatine: delivers nutrients to muscle cells and boost muscle volume.

* Glutamine: aids in recovery and increases protein synthesis.

* Multi-vitamin: provides the body with all essential nutrients for better performance.

* Amino acids: building blocks of protein that make up muscle tissue.

* Nitric Oxide: enhances blood, oxygen and nutrient uptake by muscle cells.

* Testosterone boosters: elevates testosterone levels which encourage muscle gain and fat loss simultaneously

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Ultra Whey Pro 2k
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100% whey protein 2k
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Syntha6 - 2K
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Tribulus 180
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Animal Pump
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Animal Test
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Super Pump Max
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